How To Deal With Migraine Without The Help Of Drugs
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How To Deal With Migraine Without The Help Of Drugs

Dealing with migraine without drugs. Tips on how to prevent migraine without medications.

Migraines were once thought to be caused only by the swelling of blood vessels on the brains’ surface but are now seen as primarily a neurological and genetic ailment. When nerves branching off from the brain stem become overactive, a cascade of chemical and electrical signals causes blood vessels to dilate. It also causes inflammation and changes in vision and other senses.

If you are one of those who suffer migraine, then you would know how hard and painful it is to have it. Migraine headaches can sometimes immobilize you from doing your daily chores and keep you from living a normal life.

I suffer migraine for almost 12 years now. The pain is excruciating and almost impossible to bear. There may be drugs that physicians prescribe to alleviate the pain but sometimes the side effects are not pleasant. For migraine sufferers like me, the most important thing for us is not to understand migraine but how to make it go away. Antidepressants, blood pressure medications, or even birth control pills are being used to ease the pain migraine gives but we only find out that we spend more days with headaches than without because of the side effects these drugs give. Most of us would surely agree that no medication or specific combination of drugs work for everyone.

Here are some tips that I do to deal with migraine without the aid of drugs:

  1. Cut the triggers out of your diet. Some migraine sufferers have dietary triggers and if you are one of them, the right diet can be a life saver. In my experience, oily and spicy food, caffeinated drinks, foods with preservatives and sometimes sweets are mostly the migraine triggers. Stay away from these. It’s hard to give up everybody else is eating and drinking but you have to choose and be a happier person.
  2. Increase water intake. We know that drinking 8 glasses or about 2 liters of water is beneficial to our health. Increase water intake to help reduce both headache intensity and the number of hours spent fighting a migraine. It is important to stay hydrated especially during migraine days.
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleeping for only five hours a night or less triggers my migraine. When I lack sleep for three straight nights, I feel mentally and emotionally stressed causing migraine to be easily triggered. If you did not get migraine yet, start having sufficient sleep before migraine gets you. Remember that people who sleep about less than 6 hours a night have more frequent and more severe headaches than those who get sufficient sleep.
  4. Have a regular workout. Small exercises as long as it is done every day can help cut the frequency, intensity and duration of migraine especially for women who are likely to have migraines than men. So whenever you can, have a regular workout. Do it one hour three times a week if you can’t have it for 30 minutes daily.
  5. Do maintain a healthy weight. Watch out what you eat to maintain a healthy weight.  Obese people are likely to have more frequent, more disabling, and more painful headaches. A good diet and regular exercise help in maintaining weight.

These are just some very helpful tips on dealing with migraine and reducing its debilitating pain even without the help of drugs. It is difficult to live with a migraine headache so let’s help control it and live a happier person. However, please take note that it is still best to consult your doctor to learn more about it and be advised of the best ways on how to prevent migraine.

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Comments (11)

Great advice. I don't get migraines, but I do get horrible sinus headaches.

Thanks, Rae M, for the vote and the comment! Sinus headaches, too, can really give you a bad day I'm sure. Take care!

Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing article because many people are having this ailment. This article will give them little boost about curing this ailment

Highly recommended article Aileen, thank you.

Thank you, too, Deepak and Sir Ron. It's sometimes a question why almost all people nowadays have this ailment.

Very good work. I suffered from migraine, oddly enough, as a child. They ended in my late 20s, and these remedies surely would have helped me. By the way, I have heard that even if you have had migraine in the past and it seems to have stopped, it never actually goes away. They can return at any time. On that, a positive thought, voted and appreciated.

It is so tough for an adult to suffer this kind of headache, how much more for a child? You are right. Thanks, Ileen!

Very nicely done job, Aileen, I recommend your suggestions. -(adventures)

Good advise - thanks!


Nice work, I'm always on the look out for natural remedies that work :-)